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Self Compassion Box

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The Self-Compassion Workbook

Learn self compassion and let go of self-criticism―exercises for cultivating love, kindness, and acceptance. Are you a perfectionist? Do you have a tough time quieting your inner critic? It can be easy to fall into patterns of self-criticism when we feel uncertain―but self compassion is about building a new mindset, embracing the moment, and letting go of the responsibility to handle every obstacle. This workbook is packed with an array of exercises and strategies designed to ground yourself in self compassion and confidently build the life that you want.


Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

Meticulously batched over a three-day ritual, the Relax sparkling cold brew tea combines the antioxidants of succulent strawberries with heavenly lavender blossoms, aromatic rosemary and calming tulsi leaves. 


Ingredients: Organic sparkling cold brew rosemary, tulsi and lavender tea and strawberry juiceBest served cold. Please gently mix prior to serving.


Ten Thousand Villages: Jasmine Incense Set

Be still. Enjoy a fresh touch of the outdoors, indoor with a stick of 10 jasmine‒scented incense.


Strengthening Nail and
Cuticle Serum

Natural nail and cuticle serum powered by plants. Intensely nourishes skin and fortifies nails for healthy-looking hands.


Brigid Positive Affirmation Cards

Forty beautifully designed affirmation cards tucked safely inside a decorative, magnetic flip-top keepsake box. Each card has its own unique design and affirmation. Each and every affirmation was written individually with careful intention and purpose. Printed on thick 500 gsm paper, these affirmation cards can be used in so many ways and will last a lifetime. The affirmation cards box itself has directions for use printed on the inside cover. These make the perfect gift for anyone needing gentle guidance and encouragement!

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