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Physical Wellness Box

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Self-Care Health Journal

Self-care is a critical part of staying happy and healthy, but when life gets busy it can be hard to fit it into your daily routine. This beautiful mental health journal encourages you to check in with yourself every day for 90 days using repeated prompts and trackers to help you stay committed as you create a self-care routine that works for you. Take a holistic approach to self-care with a guided journal that prioritizes your mental and emotional wellness


Exercise Cards Bodyweight Workouts

This new deck will help you get and stay in shape without a gym membership or fitness equipment. All you need is 15-30 minutes and your favorite place to exercise to get an intense workout anywhere anytime! A beautifully-designed plastic cards deck, Exercise Cards is a comprehensive exercise suite that will help you lose extra weight, get toned and improve your strength and agility – all in the comfort of your own home. 

The cards include: 60 easy-to-challenging exercises in five categories (upper body, lower body, full body, abs/core and intensity) 12 easy-to-follow guided workouts. A 24-page booklet with simple instructions, 10 practical health and fitness tips and more.


Phoenix Fitness Speed Skipping Rope

Lightweight Polymer speed skipping rope, use this jump rope in your local Cross Fit, for boxing, Thai boxing, HIIT, fitness training MMA or just for stamina fitness. A great all round speed rope that will take you from beginner to advanced in no time at all. Lightweight handles designed for speed and balance. Rope can rotate 360 degrees for quicker skipping. Perfect for home workouts or at the gym. Quickly improves your fitness, agility, stamina and foot speed.


Gimme a Break Mineral Bath Salt

Workaholism is producing a world of exhausted and over-stressed workers. On our quest to be the best, we all made sacrifices that show up in our bodies. Chances are you do not take much time to give back to yourself. Now is the time to be your own biggest supporter, and the bathtub is the perfect place to start! This blend restores your spark and spirit and recharges you with the energy it takes to conquer all your worldly challenges. You might even notice it helps you get more work done! Turn this into a restoring ritual, a time set aside just for you.


Freeze Dried Mangos

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Vegan and Dairy Free! Packed with pure all natural goodness. Only ONE ingredient - 100% farm grown fruit. Perfect for lunches and on-the-go snacks. Super Convenient Single Serve Pouches (0.56 ounces/16g each).


Mini Posy of Dried Flowers

Mini posy of dried flowers (lagurus, nigella orientalis and small daisies) perfect to place on a gift set or within a gift set - height is 15-20 cm. Natural and handmade product. Keep it protected from sun and humidity. Not a toy, please keep it out of reach of children! For decor purpose only.

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