After witnessing many friends, family members and myself suffer silently from many different situations such as relationship issues, career frustration, family dysfunction, childhood trauma and more. Through these experiences I kept asking myself, where do people go for help when the idea of a therapist is still taboo for many?

As I was on the search to find my own resources during my Mental Health journey, I could not help but think about the conversations I've had with friends over the years on what they were also experiencing. Friends that had gone through a divorce, job loss, family and relationship issues, fertility and parenting frustrations and so much more.


As I was researching for myself I couldn't help but think about how I could help my friends and the others out there experiencing similar feelings on different spectrum's.  How could I help provide resources to people who want resources and guidance but don't know where to start? This passion to guide people to the mental health resources is ultimately what birthed the creation of the Mental Wealth Box. 

The Mental Wealth Box was created to provide a central repository of Mental Health resources and self care items that would assist those in search of guidance and answers towards building a more sustainable Mental Wealth. The idea was to serve as another tool in your belt along the Mental Health journey. While I have truly enjoyed the process of creating an offering that hits close to home for me personally I hope The Mental Wealth Box can provide you the same experience for you, on whatever journey you may be on. 

Through this community I want you to realize you are not alone in the issues you are experiencing. Welcome to Mental Wealth Box, we are here for you!